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Dahya, N. (Principal). “Feminist Politics of Belonging: Participatory Culture and Youth Digital Video Production.” Sponsored by The Simpson Center for the Humanities Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship, $14,350 (July-August 2017).

Dahya, N. (Principal). “Teaching by Text: Mobile Text & Instant Messaging For Teacher Training in Refugee Camps.” Sponsored by The University of Washington Royalty Research Fund, $39,995 (January 2016-August 2017).

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Jenson, J. (Principal) & Dahya, N. (Co-Principal). “Serious Play: Game Development Pathways to STEM Achievement for Teachers and Learners”. Sponsored by State Farm Youth Advisory Board, $45,452 (2013).

Partnership & Development Funds

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Dahya, N. (Principal). “Education in Conflict and Crisis: How Can Technology Make a Difference? A Landscape Review.” Sponsored by GIZ Germany, USAID, World Vision International, INEE, $15,750 ($450/day) (August 2015- August 2016).