Current Projects

Dahya, N. Feminist Politics of Belonging: Participatory Culture and Youth Digital Video Production. University of Washington & Reel Grrls. Funded by the Simpson Center for Humanities Digital Humanities Summer Fellowship, July-September 2017.

Dahya, N. Virtual Reality in Washington State Libraries. University of Washington. Funded by the University of Washington Information School Strategic Research Funds, January-December 2018.

Dahya, N. & Dryden-Peterson, S. Teaching by Text:  Mobile Text and Instant Messaging for Teacher Training in Refugee Camps. University of Washington & Harvard University. Funded by the University of Washington Royalty Research Fund January 2016-August 2017.

Past Projects

Dahya, N. Qualities of Learning Mobile: Documenting Girls’ Video Production with Mobile Phones & Tablets. University of Washington & Reel Grrls, 2014-2015

Dryden-Peterson, S. Transnationalism in Refugee Education: Academic E-Mentoring in the Somali Diaspora, Harvard Graduate School of Education, 2013-2015

Jenson, J., Dahya, N. Integrated Teaching with Technology: An Inquiry into Blended Pedagogies in Higher Education, School of Health and Community Studies, Algonquin College, 2014

Jenson, J. & Dahya, N. Kids Get Game: Game Development Pathways to STEM Teaching and Learning, York University, 2013-2015

Jenson, J., Dahya, N. . Serious Play: Game Development Pathways to STEM Achievement for Teachers and Learners, Research Associate, York University, 2013-2014

Jenson, J. Smarter Than She Looks, York University, 2008-2014

Giles, W. & Dippo, D. Borderless Higher Education for Refugees, York University, 2011-2014

James, C. & Dippo, D. School and Community Engaged Education, York University, 2008-2011