Upcoming Events (Seattle)

Here are three upcoming events of interest in the Seattle area:

(1) For UW Faculty and instructional staff, there will be a Racial Justice Teach-In on Friday, January 13th. Information about WE STAND TOGETHER! can be found here: https://blogs.uw.edu/gaaf/2017-we-stand-together/


(2)Angela Davis will be speaking at Seattle’s Town Hall on Thursday, January 12th https://townhallseattle.org/event/mlk-unity-day/


(3) There is an upcoming private screening of the film Hidden Figures on Monday, January 16th to benefit the organization Techbridge, a non-profit that offers STEM programs to girls and their families who are under-served and part of the public school system. Tickets can be purchased here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/see-hidden-figures-with-techbridge-girls-tickets-30157141823#add-to-calendar-modal