Negin Dahya

Negin Dahya_0Dr. Negin Dahya is an Assistant Professor in the area of Digital Youth at the University of Washington Information School, Seattle, WA.

My research is grounded in anti-oppressive education, postcolonial and feminist theory, with a focus on girls and women of color using technology. My work explores how social and cultural contexts  shape youth digital media production and technology use. Through my research, I seek to better understand the complexities and nuances related to what young people learn using technology and what kinds of digital media young people create. This includes consideration for the tools in use and the social, economic and political context of digital media production and participation. My research projects include exploring the role of school-based video game development as an intervention to support STEM learning and the digital arts, and the role of transnational teaching and learning through digital technologies like instant messaging and social media for refugee education.

I am part of the Digital Youth Lab at the University of Washington Information School and proudly positioned as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies. I am also an Affiliate Faculty at The Center for Communication, Difference & Equity and I serve on committees for Reel Grrls and Borderless Higher Education for Refugees.

I am actively seeking community partners in digital and social media focused on equity for girls and women of color, particularly in the Seattle, WA area. I will be teaching INFO 102: Gender & Information Technology in the Fall 2015 and INFX 598: Digital Media & Community Development in Winter 2016 at the University of Washington Information School.

You can follow my day-to-day ramblings on Twitter @MsNegin.