Negin Dahya


Negin Dahya is an Assistant Professor in the area of Digital Youth at the University of Washington Information School, Seattle, Washington. Her research is grounded in anti-oppressive education for ethnoracial minority groups, with a focus on girls and women using technology. Specifically, Dr. Dahya’s work explores the following research areas: sociocultural context of digital media production and technology use in under-served schools and communities in Canada and USA; transnational teaching/learning through digital technologies; and, studies focused on “serious play,” ranging from examinations of social and political content in educational videogames, to girls’ videogame development for teaching/learning STEM in schools.

Dr. Dahya is actively seeking community partners in digital and social media focused on social equity for girls/women and ethnoracial minorities, and in particular in the Seattle, Washington area. She will be teaching in Winter 2015 and Spring 2015 at the University of Washington Information School.

Day-to-day ramblings can be followed on Twitter @MsNegin.