CFP: Voice and representation in youth media production (LMT)

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I am pleased to be co-guest editor on a special issue of Learning, Media and Technology focused on voice and representation in youth media production in educational settings. Click here for details!

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Book chapter in DIY Citizenship: Critical Making and Social Media (2014)

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I also have a co-authored book chapter recently published in DIY Citizenship: Critical Making and Social Media (2014), edited by Matt Ratto and Megan Boler. You can purchase the book on amazon here or see a preview below.

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Shameless self-promotion.

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iSchool Events

For the Sci-Fi nerd in all of us.

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You might also want to watch FRINGE if you haven’t seen the show already. There are 4 seasons on Netflix (Canada) for your winter viewing pleasure.

WUSC 2013 International Forum

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I am very excited to be attending the World University Service of Canada 2013 International Forum in Ottawa next week! More information about the Forum can be found through the WUSC website (click on the link above or screenshot below!).

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Upcoming Events

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A (Critical) Short History of Toronto (from TEDxToronto)

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While this is a nicely produced short history of Toronto, I have to highlight how after the initial overview of some aboriginal communities from the region, the history of those founding nations is erased from the rest of the Toronto story.

The erasure of particular communities through the re/writing of history is a common mechanism for particular groups to hold power (in this case perhaps a broad sweeping patriarchal, postcolonial-imperialist and capitalist power, as bell hooks might say).

Digital and visual media, and popular culture, are powerful tools for the propagation of oppressive systems of dominance and difference.

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